⏰ What I’m Doing Now - September 2023


Here’s what I’m doing right now, inspired by Derek Siver’s /now page.

12 September 2023

🗓️ Updated: 31st October 2023, Singapore

🧠 Data Science

Actively exploring data science opportunities in Singapore.

Creating a new data community in Singapore with Son and Nirmalya, provisionally called We Build Data. We are hoping to launch in 6-8 weeks time.

UPDATE: This data community is on pause currently due to limited capacity but hopefully will be picked up in December

Adding useful content to this website, and cross-posting it to my Substack, and Medium pages.

UPDATE: Made my first contributions to both sites - Medium to reach a wider audience and Substack for more narrow and engaged audience

Working on end-to-end machine learning projects.

UPDATE: Still ongoing

Attend more data science meetups that interest me and act upon my learnings. I’m excited to listen to my friend, Florian, speak on Explainable AI (XAI) and learn about MakerSuit at at Machine Learning Singapore.

UPDATE: Great presentation by Florian, will write about this and explainable AI in future

👶 Exploration / Trying Something New

Enjoy my first F1 race and see Robbie Williams live!

UPDATE: Amazing first F1 experience, lucky to have such a tense race for a street circuit!

My partner and I have decided to Try Something New each week, with a different theme each week (movement, culture, touristy, live events, crafts, and fun). These past two weeks we’ve tried Aerial Acrobatics (movement) and partied at the SG River street festival (fun). Next, we’ll be seeing the scenic sights whilst hearing about Singapore’s history on a River Boat Cruise (touristy).

Continue to make friends and genuine connections in Singapore - living life serendipitously.

🏃‍♂️ Health

Climb 1-2x a week, I’ve currently climbed at 8 of Singapore’s 41 climbing gyms. Still searching for the gym that I’ll make my main base.

UPDATE: Have now climbed at 10 climbing gyms, I think I’ve found the one to make a home base.

Join a running club around the Marina Bay Financial Centre. I’ve been burned too many times by the traffic lights!

UPDATE: Have joined the MBS rowing club, super friendly folks who don’t take themselves too seriously - hence why they’re called the rowing club and not running club

Be more consistent on improving my mobility and flexibility. I’m enjoying stretching at a local studio but they only offer a few classes weekly. I’m going to try The Ready State app to supplement and help me make a routine of stretching.

UPDATE: This didn’t keep me accountable and have canceled my subscription

📖 Reading

Algorithms to Live By - Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths

UPDATE: Finished reading this insightful book, it certainly does change your perspective and provides a logical reason for some of our intuitive decision making. Will write a book summary in future.

How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

UPDATE: Finished this timeless classic still holds up well today - my main takeaways are to be genuinely interested in people and to understand the other person’s perspective