Day 3: How Writing Online Landed Me Freelance Work Despite a Tough Job Market

1 minute read


In today’s tough job market, especially in the competitive data science field, writing online and building a personal profile helped me stand out and find freelance work.

Since moving to Singapore, I’ve shared my AI journey and learnings on LinkedIn. While researching local large language model (LLM) inferencing, I noticed a gap - there was a lack of cohesive resources. So, I compiled and shared this information, which resonated on Medium, LinkedIn, and Reddit. This piece brought freelance opportunities to me.

Becoming a thought leader in your industry has significant benefits. Instead of you finding opportunities, opportunities can come to you.

Reason #1: No one’s going to find you if you don’t make yourself findable

Visibility is key. If you don’t put yourself out there, potential clients won’t know you exist. Writing online, whether through blog posts, articles, or social media, increases your online presence. From 0 to 1. You open yourself to infinite more opportunities.

The more you put out, the more likely someone will discover your content. Each piece is an opportunity flywheel and advertisement that works for you 24/7, provided it’s valuable and high quality.

Reason #2: Writing Clarifies Your Thoughts

Writing about my field forces me to research thoroughly and stay updated with the latest trends. This process deepens my understanding and keeps my knowledge current. Writing helps me articulate what I know and identify gaps. This reflection makes me a more competent and confident professional.

Reason #3: Build Trust and Credibility

Consistent content showcases my expertise. Regular posts about my field demonstrate my knowledge and keep me top of mind for potential clients. Consistency builds credibility and shows I am serious about my craft. Sharing my expertise positions me as a go-to resource. Being transparent about my process builds trust and credibility.